Monday, 6 May 2013

Korean Men Wear Heels?

What's with the title? Is this some kind of jokes? Nope, it's real, 100% REAL! But, you've probably known what are we talking about right? Yes, it's INSOLES! Maybe the title of this post is slightly off because insoles are not heels. They are different (yelled by those men who put it in their shoes)!

For those who didn't know what insole is, you can google it yourself... Kidding! Insole or shoe lift or kkalchang (in korean) is a thing (?) that you put in your shoes to help boosting your height.

Asian men are well known for their not-so-tallness, although there are asian men who are encridibly tall. Due to this lackness, many not-so-tall asian men try to find ways to increase their height. Drinking milk is one of it, but it doesn't work for everyone! And trust us when we say that most who've tried it end up in frustration. If it does work, it takes a long time just to add 0.5 cm to the original height.

Then comes the genius idea of creating insole (for the creation of insole history, search by yourself). Finally, the day when the bright sky shines come to those who lack in height. Insole, the best creation
ever (for those guys)! Not only it is easy to find and use, the result can be seen right away!

Well, all good things must have some sort of bad things behind it, same goes to this magnificent thing called kkalchang. While women can wear their heels proudly, insoles users are highly advised to keep their insoles as secret. TOP SECRET! Why? Because when their secret is exposed, height is not the only thing that they lose, confidence suffers the same fate. And... they will probably be teased for the next few weeks.

But why the title of this post specifically mention about korean men? Simple, because this blog is all about Korea! And kkalchang is closely related to male Korean idols. Not to mention anyone, but some of their little secrets are exposed on national tv and their name with kkalchang become the first topic on online search engines. But who cares, we love our idols no matter how not-so-tall they are. Aren't they cute when their secret being exposed?

*This post is not written to humiliate insoles users and those who lacks in height. We're really sorry if anyone feeling is hurt. Like comedian Kim Shinyoung would say, "Utjago! Utjago! (Just for laugh! Just for laugh!)"

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